Johnnybio Adult Life.

In Johnnybio’s Adult Life chapter you’ll tell the story of what happened to you in your twenties and thirties. From the day you left school to the day you turned forty.

Did you move onto further education or into a job knowing exactly the path you wished to follow or were you pushed into something you knew wasn’t right? Your twenties are supposed to be all about newfound freedom and independence. Did it feel like that for you?

Write about the places you worked and the jobs you did as a young adult. How did your career go, did you make money, or was it a struggle? Remember the people you met, especially the ones who inspired you, or maybe even gave you a helping hand. And what about the people who weren’t so inspiring, the ones you didn’t like?

Think about your relationships and what happened to those people who were so important at the time. Did you fall in love easily? Did you marry and have children or stay single into your forties? What was happening to your family back then? Write about the places you lived and where you travelled.

Looking back, what was the thing you did or didn’t do that you still think about now? And what was the hardest lesson you learned?

Johnnybio Adult Life Chapter

Begin your story with Adult Life.

Adult Life is the second chapter in the Johnnybio Life Story series; the others are Child and TeenagerMid Life, and Sixty Up. Many autobiographies begin with the author’s childhood, but some choose to begin their story by writing about these make or break years when careers are forged and big life choices made. Johnnybio makes it easy to change the sequence of the chapters you write, but follow our Writer’s blog to get ideas about right the approach for you.

Whichever chapter you choose to write first you’ll be guided at every step. If you sign up you can try a chapter free now. We do not ask for credit card details.

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Write about life in your twenties and thirties, from the day you left school to your 40th year.

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