Johnnybio Child and Teenager.

In the Child and Teenager chapter, you’ll look back over the first two decades of your life and describe the child you remember. From what you know of the day you were born to the day you left formal education.

You’ll write about the places you lived, your family and friends, and the type of character you were back then. And all the things you did for the first time, like learning to ride a bike, smoking your first cigarette, or falling in love.

Do you remember the first time someone lied to you? And when you discovered that not all people are born equal? At some point, you also realised that your family was actually quite different to everyone else’s.

You will have learned how to survive school-yard politics. What were you back then? Popular, or trying to be? A jock, a nerd, a bully, the clown?

What happened on your eighteenth birthday or your prom? What happened to the people you celebrated with? biography composing website. Write about your childhood.

Start with your childhood.

Johnnybio will guide you every step of the way as you record your childhood years. The Child and Teenager interview has over a hundred examples of how others have answered the questions about their early lives. Finally, when you add a cover image and book title, Johnnybio’s Child and Teenager chapter is a complete work. You may stop there or move onto another chapter in the Life Story series.

The other chapters are Adult Life which covers your life between the time you left school to your 40th birthday; Mid Life which concentrates on your forties and fifties; and Sixty Up.

Your early years are likely to be the time in your life you most often think about. This is where your story begins.

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