The Johnnybio Gift Voucher.

If you don’t know someone who already wants to write their autobiography you certainly know someone who should write their autobiography. Johnnybio is a unique website and a Johnnybio chapter is a one-of-a-kind gift.

Purchase a Johnnybio gift voucher and we’ll email you a code with instructions for you to forward or print and enclose in your own greeting card for a partner, friend or relative. Whatever the occasion we make it easy for any adult of any age to write part or all of his or her biography. No matter who it’s for, this is the perfect way to start them off on the write of their life, or for you to write it with them. It’s fun and it’s rewarding.

Johnnybio Gift Voucher

The Johnnybio Experience.

Johnnybio was created to put autobiography or memoir writing within the reach of anyone with a desire to document all or part of their life story, no experience required. Each Johnnybio chapter is an eight-step path the author follows to write their story down. We provide the structure, the interview, and plenty of guidance. Each chapter covers a stage of life, Child and TeenagerAdult LifeMid Life and Sixty Up. The chapters stand alone or can be joined together.

A Johnnybio gift voucher can be used against any single chapter and is valid for a year. The subscription begins on the day the code is redeemed.

Sign up for a free trial today. We do not ask for credit card details.

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Purchase a gift voucher for a 12-month subscription to Johnnybio. The recipient can redeem it against any available chapter.

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They will follow the eight steps that take them to their finished story. They can contact us at any time for help or advice.

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When they have finished their autobiography or memoir they can publish it as a PDF or paperback.

for the write of your life.
for the write of your life.