Johnnybio Life Story.

Johnnybio’s Life Story is the complete autobiographical journey. If you’re over sixty you can write about all the eras of your life in succession and publish your complete story. The first three chapters of Life Story cover two decades each, they are Child and Teenager, Adult Life (20-40), and Mid Life (40-60). The final chapter Sixty Up, will help you examine the broader themes of your past, write about the life you live today, and encourage you to speculate about the legacy you will leave behind.

Guided steps help you write each of the Johnnybio chapters. From selecting your best stories and images to reviewing an outline of your chapter before you begin writing in earnest. Each chapter takes you through an in-depth interview created specifically for the time you are writing about, with dozens of real examples from published biographies and face-to-face interviews.

Write about your life in whole or in part.

If you’d rather test the water with one chapter first, any of the Johnnybio chapters may be bought and written separately and then joined to others you may write.

Following our path, your memories, and what we help you remember, will produce a structured and insightful autobiography or memoir that captures you as the star of the show.

You can even nominate the people you would like to receive your story after you die. Whatever you choose to do with your autobiography, the act of writing it will give you a new perspective on your life so far, and about what should happen next.

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for the write of your life.
for the write of your life.