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Does it seem like every second decade in life throws you a hard ball just to keep you on your toes? From your testing teens, through the big decisions of your thirties, you navigated the safer waters of your forties to reach your fifties, the now or never decade.

In Johnnybio’s Mid Life chapter you’ll write about life in your forties, which you entered thinking you had all the time in the world, and your fifties, in which you realised you hadn’t.

As you lived through these years you were probably more open and honest about what you really felt, with others and with yourself. Did you also become more aware of what was going on in a world where you had seen it all before, noticing the patterns and predispositions of life on the crazy, fabulous, and often brutal planet we all share? biography composing website. Write about your mid life.

Mid life crisis? What crisis?

How did you feel about growing older? Did your liberated mind have to keep tighter control over your equally liberated waistline? Did you try to beat ageing with new fitness regimes, or cheat it with plastic surgery?

What were the times you spent with your parents or children like? Did you feel like the ham in the sandwich of other people’s needs? If you were in a relationship how were you getting along? What was happening to your friends? Who were you closest to? And what was the best thing that happened in your working life in your forties or fifties?

In mid life we start to make plans for a future when our time is own again. What was your Plan B?

Write about your mid life experiences.

Mid Life is the third chapter in the Johnnybio Life Story series; the others are Child and TeenagerAdult Life, and Sixty Up.

Johnnybio will guide you every step of the way as you record what happened to you in your forties and fifties. Mid Life is a complete work but can be joined to other chapters you have written. Simply add a cover image and title and publish your story.

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