Johnnybio Sixty Up.

This final chapter in the Johnnybio Life Story series is a little different from the first three because you’ll be writing in the present tense whilst reflecting on the past, and there is no cut-off date for this chapter!

What are you doing to create a new self for this era of your life? Are you living abroad for some of the year or planning a move to another part of the country? Are you writing, working out, or volunteering in your spare time? If you’re still working, will you ever retire? And if you have already, what do you have to say about it? biography composing website, SIxty Up chapter.

Sixty Up. The final chapter.

If you just want to write about the here and now, document some of what you’ve learned, or pass on instructions in your own words, Sixty Up is the chapter for you. The other chapters in the Johnnybio Life Story series are Child and TeenagerAdult Life, and Mid Life. Write one, or write more, and join them together to complete your autobiography. If you’d like to, you can add nominees to your Johnnybio account who will receive your work after your death.

Johnnybio’s Sixty Up guides you from the start, where you will create your chapters, to the end where you’ll add a dedication, title, and cover image to your finished work. The Sixty Up Interview will encourage you, amongst other things, to give up a family secret and a favoured recipe, as well as a lot of what you’ve learned from the good and bad you’ve seen. And what do you have to say about the generations X, Y, and Z?

Sixty Up. A work in progress.

We touch upon your own final chapter and the things you want to do before the end, and we encourage you to visit Sixty Up often and keep it up to date.

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