Frequently asked questions.

Why should I choose Johnnybio?

Write your story in instalments.

Johnnybio was created so that anyone with an interest in writing about his or her life could do it affordably.

We wanted to make it as simple and flexible as possible so that our customers follow a path but aren’t restricted by prescribed formats.

With Johnnybio you have the option of writing your story one chapter at a time. Try a single chapter and if you like the experience, write more. Each of the four Life Story chapters stands alone or rolls into one complete biography.

This also means that if you only want to write about a specific part of your life you can, because we believe writing anything about your life is better than writing nothing at all.

Why should I choose Johnnybio?

I don’t know what to write about.

If your aim is to get your story down, Johnnybio is the place for you. Ours is a no-fuss option. You follow our guided path, you write your story, and then publish it as a book in PDF format. Each chapter you purchase comes with an in-depth interview with plenty of examples. We guarantee you’ll never be lost for something to write.

You can change your story and instantly publish your PDF as often as you like. It looks fantastic as it is but if you want to print physical books, the PDF is designed to fit right into the online publishing site. You get to design your own cover on Lulu and print as many copies as you like at a very good price. Of course, we can work with you to edit your story and create the perfect cover and cover blurb if that’s what you’d like to do.

When your book is on Lulu you can keep it private or sell it online. Your story will remain in Johnnybio too unless you delete your account or decide not to renew your annual subscription.

There’s something else unique about Johnnybio. We give you the option of releasing your story to nominees after your death. We’ll keep your story safe until then. You can even make a synopsis available to interested third-parties, like writers or historians if you want to.

Try it, you’ll like it.

Why don’t you sign up for the free trial now? We don’t take any payment details. You’ll never know if you can do it until you try.

What happens when I purchase a Johnnybio gift voucher?

What happens when I purchase a Johnnybio gift voucher?

If you’re considering gifting a Johnnybio chapter we’re sure your friend will be delighted with your choice.

When you buy a gift voucher you will receive an email with full instructions on how to redeem it. Forward or print the email and give it to your friend. All they need do is log in, click the Buy Chapters button, select the Gift Voucher option from the drop-down menu for their chosen chapter and enter the code.

You do not need to create an account to purchase a gift voucher but if you do you can check to see whether your vouchers have been redeemed from within your account.

The voucher is valid for a year from the date of purchase and the chapter itself is valid for one year from the date of redemption.

The voucher can be used against any single chapter in the Johnnybio Life Story series, Child and TeenagerAdult LifeMid Life or Sixty Up.


For details on how to purchase the Ghostwriter Package on behalf of someone else, please get in touch using the contact form.

How long does a subscription last?

How long does a subscription last?

Each subscription is valid for a year from the date of purchase, including Life Story which includes all four Johnnybio chapters. A chapter purchased via a Johnnybio gift voucher is valid for a year from the day the voucher is redeemed.

If you renew any single chapter, all your chapters automatically renew for another year. This allows you keep working on all chapters of your story together.

How do I renew my subscription?

How do I renew my subscription?

The expiry date for each of your chapters is shown on the My Chapters page of your account. The status of all your Johnnybio purchases can also be viewed on the Order History page.

Four weeks before your subscription expiry date you will be sent a reminder email. Just login to your account to renew your subscription.

If the subscription expires you will receive another email informing you of the expiry and a reminder about the nominee process. Login to visit the Nominees page within your account to learn more.

One week after the subscription expiry your nominees, if there are any, will receive email instructions on how to view your biography. They will have fourteen days in which do this before the link to your chapter(s) expires.

Is my autobiography private and secure?

Is my autobiography private and secure?

Johnnybio is a private retreat where anyone can write his, her, or another’s life story. Unless you ask us to ghostwrite or edit your story, everything you write is between you and your computer. We don’t see what you write.

Johnnybio uses SSL encryption which ensures that transferred data cannot be read or modified by any third party. If you use Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer look for the padlock symbol in your browser’s address bar. The address (URL) of an SSL encrypted website begins with https:// The ‘s’ stands for secure. secure website

We use Google’s reCAPTCHA to protect against spam and abuse, and all financial transactions are handled by PayPal. You also have the option to delete your account from the ‘About Me’ page of your account which will erase all your details and work from our servers.

Good practice for better security.

Choose a strong password, which is at least 8 characters long, has a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols with some upper-case characters. Never give anyone else your password or use the same password on another site, and change your password regularly.

Johnnybio will never call, email or text you to ask you for personal, password or financial information.

Keep your devices up to date by turning on ‘automatic updates’ to keep up with the latest security updates.

What if I have no writing experience?

What if I have no writing experience?

You don’t need to be a writer to tell your story. You tell stories about your life every day in conversations at work and at home and when you’re out with friends. You write about your life in emails, letters, and on social media. You share photos, and every picture tells your story.

An example. You’ve decided to write about your first car. Imagine you’re describing it to a friend.

‘My father bought me my first car when l was sixteen, it was a brown Chevrolet Bel Air with whitewall tyres and a split windscreen, it was the same age as I was. The engine purred and clicked. I loved that car. I’d seen it parked in a garage a few doors down from our house. The elderly couple who owned it drove it to church on a Sunday and sometimes they would take me along. Then Mrs Smith, the wife, died and knowing how much I adored the car, her husband offered to sell it to us.’

That’s it. There’s a story and no doubt you will be remembering many more car stories as you write. You could even sit down and record all the stories you remember about cars. Choose your Johnnybio chapter and add the title My Chevy Bel Air And Other Stories, and then transcribe your stories adding any photos you have. The only rule for your memoir or autobiography the is one you feel comfortable with. What’s important is that you’ve personally documented something about your life where nothing existed before.


Pages from an autobiography written using

Take your reader with you.

A misconception is that these kinds of everyday stories make boring reading for others. Not so. A peek through the curtains into someone else’s life is irresistible. Not that we advocate every memoirist publish commercially but note that last year Amazon’s #1 non-fiction printed-book genre was memoir and autobiography and it was #2 in eBooks.

Get into the sensory details. Invite your reader to stand in your shoes by describing how you felt, what you saw, smelled, heard, or tasted.

Do you have to be a writer to tell your story?


Create an account now and give it a try. No credit card details required.

What happens if I choose to have my story written by a Johnnybio ghostwriter?

What happens if I choose to have my story written by a Johnnybio ghostwriter?

You probably have ideas about how you would like to approach your autobiography or memoir as well as questions about how the Johnnybio ghostwriting service works. Please fill in the contact form or send an email telling us what you want and how you’d like to be contacted. We are more than happy to provide advice on any aspect of your autobiography or memoir.

When you’re ready, purchase the Ghostwriter Package and you’ll receive an email confirming your purchase (if you don’t see it, please check your junk mail folder). All payments are made securely using PayPal.

If we haven’t done so already we’ll contact you to agree the format for your story with an interview, writing, and review schedule. You will receive written confirmation of the agreed schedule. The interviews will take place via Skype or telephone and can be supplemented with voice recordings if you would like to speak your recollections or answers to interview questions into your smartphone at your own pace before sending them to your writer.

When your story is complete you’ll provide us with a dedication or introduction and a cover image or ask us to produce one for you and we’ll send you the final digital version.

For your printed books the final stage will be to choose a cover and write the cover blurb for your story. You will receive your books in the mail within a couple of weeks after final sign-off.

Your story will remain safely within our system for as long as you’d like it to. This means you may add to or change your book at any time and order new copies. Please get in touch if you’ve already published your Johnnybio story and wish to makes changes. We will quote separately for this follow-on service based on the amount of work involved. The costs are reasonable and affordable.

Our objective is to provide you with a well-written autobiography or memoir which gets to the heart of what you want to say in complete confidence and without judgement or prejudice.

Are you ready to begin the write of your life? Get in touch now.







for the write of your life.
for the write of your life.