You tell it. We write it.

From interview to printed book, we aim to have your story finished within 3 months.
You can include up to 32 of your favourite photos with captions.

Personal service, professional results.

There are as many reasons to write an autobiography or memoir as there are stories to be told.

Your ghostwriter will take time to understand what you’d like to say and how you’d like to say it, helping you to remember and select the events that shaped you and getting you to talk about how you felt at the time and perhaps how you feel about things now.

Your writer has a single goal – to tell your story – with objectivity and without judgement or prejudice.

I’m interested, what happens now?

We know you’ll have a lot of questions which you’d like to discuss person to person, so please fill in the contact form below with a few details and we’ll arrange a convenient time to call and discuss your book. Or email us at moc.o1560894193ibynn1560894193hoj@o1560894193fni1560894193

I want to write my own story.

If you’d prefer to pen your own story, Johnnybio will guide you through the whole process from creating chapters to printing your own book. You can try it free now, simply create an account to get started (no credit card required).

Gift the ghostwriter package.

If you’d like to buy Johnnybio’s ghostwriter package for someone else please get in touch using the contact form.

Your book will contain at least 100 pages, and 20,000 words.


5 high quality, perfect-bound, full-colour paperbacks & 1 digital book.

The details.


The ghostwriter package

  • A 100-page autobiography or memoir will typically take 3-4 months from the first interview to a printed book.
  • The ghostwriter package includes up to 8 hours of person-to-person interview time on Skype or an alternative. To help you remember even more we have detailed online interview questions for every stage of life which your writer will explore with you.
  • Your book will be a minimum of 20,000 words and 100 pages, plus photos.
  • When you’ve signed off on your story and added a dedication or introduction we’ll design your book’s cover and write the cover blurb (optional). You’ll receive 5 print copies and a digital copy of your autobiography or memoir, including the option to list and sell your book on
  • Your books are perfect-bound digest-sized paperbacks (5″ x 8.5″) with interior print full colour on white, and full-colour cover, (100# weight).
  • Single upfront PayPal payment.

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for the write of your life.
for the write of your life.