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How hard is it to write your life story? We find out.

Of course you want to write your life story you’ve said it more than once. It’s just the writing part that puts you off.  If you could somehow magic your way through the anguish of finding the words, the lack of confidence in your own ability, the remembering, the researching, the time that goes into delivering the book and have that book in your hands right now, you’d hold it high in the air and say proudly, ‘I wrote this. This is the story of my life.’

Is it easy to write your own life story?

Here’s what some who’ve done it have to say about the experience. Spoiler: It’s hard.

‘It (writing the book) was an emotional journey that left me drained at the end of each session. Several incidents that I had all but forgotten suddenly sprang back into memory as I relived my life in great detail.’ VVS Laxman

‘I was actually having problems sleeping at night because of the memories that had been dug up with the research. It was all a bit too much for me at that point in my life.’ Doro Pesch

‘You pretty much have to tell the truth the best you know it. But there are always places you don’t want to go. There are those dark corners in the basement.’ Abigail Thomas

‘Mine is another story, a real and complex story, and one, by definition, that’s not as easy to tell.’ Thomas Page McBee

‘I am not really a writer, but somebody was with me on this book. It was my guardian angel. It took me a year and a half. I’ve been able to accomplish my story, which I never could imagine I would. The part about our family is right on, but it’s kind of painful, too.’ Megan Bussen

‘The memoir is the hardest thing I’ve ever written. It was so hard for me that I plan to never write another memoir again.’ Jesmyn Ward

‘I wrote this book and cried and cried and talked with my father about it and reached new conclusions and was able to move from one to the other and realize there are no conclusions, but there are necessary revelations.’  Adam Cayton-Holland


Writing your autobiography is really hard and really good. Johnnybio.com

Is writing your life story worth it?

Here’s what some who’ve done it have to say about the experience. Spoiler: It’s worth it.

‘It was hard work, but it was also great fun.’ VVS Laxman

‘It was very therapeutic. I’ve also gone through a lot of therapy, as I discuss in the book and this was way more therapeutic than any of that. It helped a ton.’ Adam Cayton-Holland

‘They’re proud of me. They’re super-proud of me for stepping out and telling my story.’ Megan Bussen

‘Writing your memoir costs you little, but pays handsome rewards. Every day of delay is a day lost forever and increases the possibility that your story will never be told. Do not wait until it is too late.’ Michael Lewis

‘It wasn’t daunting because I am self-obsessed. I might not be much but I am all I ever think about.’ Wayne Kramer

‘It’s been a pleasure writing it, even if it meant reliving the moments where I should have made different choices.’ Phil Collins

‘And it is also the most important work I have done outside of being a father.’ Juan F. Thompson

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As Pablo Picasso once said, ‘Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.’ Make today the day you begin the story of your life.





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