Picture of laptop and book. Write and publish your memoir for less dinner for two.

Write and publish your memoir with Johnnybio and Lulu.

80% of Americans want to write a book; becoming an author is the most desired job in Britain; self-publishing is fuelling a writer’s revolution. There has never been a better time to write and publish your memoir.

This is the age of universal authorship.

The one book everyone has inside them of course, is an autobiography or memoir. You have the story and with help from Johnnybio the biography composing website and Lulu self-publishing it’s possible to write and print your own story for as little as $50.

Everything you need to complete the story of your life can be accessed in a few keystrokes. Johnnybio will guide you through your story, from creating chapters to adding a dedication. Press the publish button and your work is instantly available to download to your computer or upload to Lulu where you may design your own cover, print as many copies as you like, keep it private, or market and sell it publicly.

This is a truly affordable and flexible writing experience.

Picture of word success with key. Write and publish your memoir with Johnnybio and Lulu.

Live, write, publish.

There are four Johnnybio chapters to choose from, Child and Teenager, Adult Life, Mid Life, and Sixty Up. Each chapter stands alone or can be joined together as you write. Write a memoir or full autobiography. Every chapter has an in-depth interview with examples from published autobiographies or interviews to inspire you. You may change and rearrange your work and instantly preview your changes at any time as a Lulu-formatted PDF.

Yes, you can write a book. With some work and a handful of dollars, there’s nothing to stop you. Imagine the book in your hands, it has your name on the cover. You did that.

Your story is waiting for you. What are you waiting for?

Take a free trial write of an era of your life. Choose from Child and Teenager Adult Life, Mid Life, or Sixty Up.

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